Я є шлях, правда і життя,
і ніхто не приходить до Отця,
крім як через Мене!
Слово Твое - свет стезе моей!
Все мы
как овцы,
каждый на свою дорогу...
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Igor Tunik and Yevgeny Grinishin are responsible for the missionary work in Eastern Ukraine

Dear friends, AMCECU appointed Igor Tunik and Yevgeny Grinishin to be responsible for the missionary work in Eastern Ukraine. Over the past 11 years, we have started six new churches in the Donbass area. Since the beginning of the war, which really affected the Donetsk region, over the past four years, four of these churches have been started. We distribute food packages, clothing, hygiene products, and tell people the Gospel.
 We see God work in people’s lives, and we believe that He will continue to expand the boundaries of His Kingdom. There is a lot of darkness in our area, and our calling is to bring more light in to people’s lives. We believe that the source of this light is Jesus Christ. Perhaps you would want to participate in this ministry. Contact me by email: tymnys@gmail.com